Maria | Italy


International Job exchange  Organisation: OKO  Project name: New skills for new jobs 2 weeks | 2017
C i a o !  I a m   M a r i a   f r o m   I t a l y ! 
I have been in Rychnov for 2 weeks, living at the house of my project partner’s house. The name of the project was New skills for new jobs and it was about working abroad to improve work skills.
I think that this experience was really useful in particular I ameliorate my English and my idea of working. While I was here I learned to work in team because I had to work with Eva, another girl that is doing the European Voluntary Service here, she haven’t been only a colleague but a friend.
Before the start of this experience I was quite scared of not understanding what I had to do because of the language, but then everything turned out the best because I now understand that I am really lucky to have worked in OKO and to have met such a beautiful people as my team is. 
Everyone was really kind with me and they always tried to make me fell like being at home, and that is the thing that I appreciate the most.
I would for sure recommend this experience to everyone.