Boris | Germany


EVS volunteer experience  Organisation: OKO    Project name: EYE 2  8 months  | 2017 
H a l l o !

In March 2017 my EVS started in Rychnov nad Kněžnou, and since then I made many new friends and wonderful experiences in a country which was completely new to me before. Of course coming to a new country is always a bit of a challenge if you are not familiar with the culture. But due to the fact I was welcomed with open arms I felt very comfortable from the beginning.

Being 29 years old made this my last opportunity to do an EVS because you can do it only until you are 30 years. I am really thankful that at OKO I was given the chance to be a volunteer. Throughout the last 10 years I was travelling a lot and also studied in St. Petersburg. But being a volunteer gives you way more opportunities to meet locals and being part of a community than just making holidays for two weeks or living with others foreign students in a dormitory.

At OKO language school I was a teacher for German, English and Russian languages. My task was not to teach grammar but motivate people to speak. I really appreciated the experience of teaching because this is something I have never done before. And this is one of the most important things about EVS: it gives you the chance to try something new.

I can highly recommend everyone to make an EVS or a similar program. Because society benefits from the volunteering work and one personally enriches his experiences and broaden its horizon.