Štěpán | Czech Republic

EVS exvolunteer experience Organisation: Sustinea  Project name: Networks for Sustainability 9 months | 2017
H i,

My name is Stepan, and I was an EVS volunteer for organisation Sustinea in Spain – more precisely in Galicia, a town called Ourense.

For me, this experience had a strong transformational impact on my whole life, my sourrounding as a family and friends, my future career, literally my whole personality that has bloomed a lot during my volunteer work.

I worked in a smaller town that i already mentioned – Sustinea – with another volunteer from Istanbul. It was unbelievable how my whole life changed. I really fell in love with all the people in our organization. They were incredibly openned, welcoming and they always helped us with any issues.

About my work. I’ve been working on various types of environmental projects. The main one was the „rural para todos“ project where I worked on a sustainable ecological garden with other volunteers, the public citizens as well. During the others projects, I worked as a leisure time monitor in the national parks of Galicia  where I created interesting activities for teenagers or adults such as yoga, archery, dance workshops and social games. 

Usually during my free time i was running a lot, dancing, reading a books etc. I used to go to spanish school regularly where I learned Spanish. Of course there was a space for a parties with my friends.

I would like to recommend EVS to all those who want to experience change in their lives, to enrich themselves.

I am currently working in the Czech Republic in Brno in a four-star hotel – Best Western Premier Hotel international – thanks to my language development.

As well I would like to give a big thanks to Jitka Bartošová for my help during my project, which went without any huge problems.