The Project

C I T I Z E N S   O F   E U R O P E 
An international project for young people by OKO

For the past 10 years volunteers from all over Europe took part in OKO ’s volunteering projects. Leading to a big number of experiences and stories that are collected and displayed in this website. Therefore, Citizens of Europe has two parts; a website, OKO-europe, and an event, Meeting Europe

Our goal is to open people’s eyes, to share, to inspire and to motivate  others to live such a wonderful experience. To promote and persuade young people to live abroad. Open their minds to new cultures, new ways of life and show them that there is no need to be afraid to do so.

Magic happens when you leave your comfort zone 


Living abroad opens you to a big number of experiences and possibilities. It could be through Erasmus + programs or without them, but the important thing is to decide to do so.  Through this presentation you can have access to more information about the different programs. 

What are you waiting for ?